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I picked it up in September 2010 from Manchester Subaru with 20K miles, completely stock.​

As she looks now:

On the dyno

see full thread here:
HIPRSHA666 - 2010 WRX VF52 + bolt ons 320WHP / 360WTQ

****Current mods****

Powertrain/Engine Bay
GTSpec UEL Header
GTSpec Uppipe
Invidia Catless Downpipe
Turboxs Dual-tip Catback
AVO Throttle-body Inlet
Deatschwerks 850cc Top-feed Injectors
Prosport Header Wrap
Killer B Oil Pickup
Wiseco 99.5mm Forged Pistons
STi 11mm Oil Pump
KSTech Secondary Air Delete Plates
NGK 1 Step Colder Plugs
Saikou Michi Stg 1 DC3 Dual OCC
Forge BPV
Grimmspeed EBCS
Deatschwerks 300lph fuel pump
Perrin CAI
Prosport Oil Sandwich Adapter
Fast Motorsports FMIC (piping powder-coated "Copper Delight")
Open Source Tune by Brentuning​

Whiteline 24mm Adj. Front Sway Bar
Whiteline 24mm Adj. Rear Sway Bar
Kartboy Endlinks Front/Rear
*Whiteline Roll Center Kit
*Whiteline Street Anti-lift Kit
*Whiteline Positive Shift Kit
*RCE Yellow Coil Springs

TQ Solution Front Shifter Bushing
TQ Solution Rear Shifter bushing
TQ Solution Short Throw Shifter
TQ Solution Pitchstop
Group N Transmission Mount
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
Whiteline Swaybar Mount Support Brace
Group N Engine Mounts
ACT heavy duty street clutch
MasterCraft Glacier Grip II 225/40/17
17x8.0 +45 Konig Feather - Matte Black
Muteki Lugs - Black
Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Specs 225/40/18
18x8 +35 Enkei NT03+m - F1 Silver
Project Kics R40 Revo Neo Chrome Lug Nuts

Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace
Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid
Techna-Fit SS Brake Lines F/R
Hawk HPS Brake Pads F/R
Legacy GT Calipers - Front
DRT Sport Slotted/Cross-drilled Rotors​

Cobb Shift Knob
IWSTI seat mod
Black center console trim
Black Suede headliner
Black SEM painted a,b, and c pillars
AEM Fuel Pressure Gauge
AEM Oil Pressure Gauge
AEM UEGO Wideband O2 Gauge
AEM Boost Gauge
SMY Dual Pod Gauge Cluster
BNA Solutions A-pillar Dual Pod​

Trunk Debadge
Yellow Fog Covers
SPT Grill
Perrin Super-Shorty Antenna
Calipers Powder Coated "Copper Delight"
Black Trunk Trim
Treble Racing Gloss Black Window Trim Vinyl
Treble Racing 50%Tail Light Smoke
Hella Horns - black, with subimods bracket and harness

*ordered/waiting to be installed

Future Plans:

Powertrain/Engine Bay
Tial 44mm EWG
Bigger/better turbo, possibly rotated
Samco radiator hose kit
Get rid of the yellow caps everywhere
SPT turbo heat shield
Radiator Shroud
Kartboy exhaust hangers
Lightweight Battery​

DBA 5000 front rotors
DBA 4000 rear rotors
Cusco Steering rack brace
Whiteline diff bushing inserts
RCE Tarmac 2 coilovers

AEM oil temp
AEM coolant temp
TurboXS knock light
Prova wide-view blue rear view mirror​

35% tint
Prova Blue Wide-view door mirrors
Chargespeed front lip

Vendors I support:​

Ballistic Motorsports

Hero's Crew at Motive Auto - North Shore Garage
Motive FTW!!!!

And Eric Bernard (shtbxr22) from Manchester Subaru

Suncook River Powder Coating

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Since you've got a little time before your next part install, get some heat wrap for headers/uppipe/downpipe.

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I'll post up more pics of the installs next weekend. Then pics and vids of the dyno tune the weekend after that.

All the power mods are going on next weekend as the OP says. Then tune. After that I am concentrating on all the other mods listed besides power.

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Since you've got a little time before your next part install, get some heat wrap for headers/uppipe/downpipe.
I ordered a few rolls. Should be here Monday or Tuesday. Wrapping those parts and doing some other prep before next weekend.

I also might heatwrap some of the hidden tubing of the fmic if I have any left. I figured it can't hurt. But the parts more likely to be affected by heatsoak would be the ones I wouldn't wrap just for cosmetic reasons. Idk.

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Your going to love the Invidia DP and Turboxs CBE. I had the same set up on my 2010. Its pretty loud but sounds so good.

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Looks like a really awesome build up. Keep up the great work.
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