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We communicate more through our main thread on Nasioc

Nasioc Hosted Tuner Meet/Greet(all cars are welcome please follow rules)
Date: 3/23/12 (friday) BIWEEKLY/ Everyother Friday
Time: 5pm
Location: Don Pericos (mexican restauran) 4701 White Ln # D, Bakersfield, CA 93309
Ph:‎ (661) 832-3002 ‎

Subaru Summer Solstice 2012 Caravan
Date: June 24th
Time: Meet In am
Location: TBA
We will be BBQing it up so.... if everyone can bring something that would be appriciated *don't be chintsy/cheap!*. We need a portable grill propane preferable for easy clean up.

Pinoyrukus - boombox, pop up shade 10x10, cooler. I'll bring some Hotlinks and buns along with ice for the cooler ^_^

Nasioc Hosted Canyon Run
Date: TBA



If you would like me to Text you about upcoming meets (I would text 2-3days advance) please PM or email ([email protected]) with you name, number, car/color/model and I will add you to my mass text app. If you would like to be removed please do the same. Thanks!

Unofficial meets/ other car meets

Every sat night at In and out stockdale hwy. (all cars/makes go but some members like myself do not attend saturday nights)
*if you would like to add to this list pm or email ([email protected])

1. No horseplay at the buisness/parking lot we are at. No reving, burnouts and etc.
2. Support the buisness we are visiting buy food, beer, etc etc they are providing the parking area :D
3. No BASHING!!! We are here for one thing, to meet and greet Subaru owners. Don't bash or knock something you don't like its not your car. We are here to support our fellow subie owner.
4. Don't post about not going cause there's only 3-4 cars going. Who cares its probably less cause of your rants! Rain, snow , hail these meets will be held (except holidays)
5. Please try to be on time no one likes to be the lone gunman LOL
6. If you don't want a be there then don't go. We don't need Debbie downers/haters.
7. Invite you subie friends. The more the better
8. Cockyness/Arrogance is strictly prohibited!!!
9. Do not be offended if our group enforces these rules on you. If rules are consistently broken we may ask you to leave.
10. More rules to come

Ok guys so I keep seeing postings about how we never have a meet and greet blah bla bla blah but no one ever had the balls to do something about it. Well.... Here i am :D. I made this new thread because audiosavy/brandon (nabisco) is not as active as he used to be. We decided to do it at 5pm. People have family, things to do on a weekend, bday parties, bbqs this time gives ample time for people to do whatever they want after. This will be updated every two weeks. Any input Let me know :banana:

Photos: New to Old

Chipotle/Canyon Run 3/9-3/10 and Canyon Run/ shot by pinoyrukus/mike
Video shot by mike abad and edited by wyatt (r32)

House of Wings & Boba Drinks Meet feb 10 of wings Feb 10 2012/

Magoos Pizza Meet Jan 27/2012 Pizza Meet Jan 27 2012/ Shot by Pinoyrukus/Mike

Nasioc X ///Mfest meet 1.13.12 Sonics (first meet of the yr) Professionally Shot / and Edited by Jofel Tolosa. his web site Shot by Mike/pinoyrukus

Canyon Run/ Last Meet in December Photos *shot by Mike/moneymike and Mike/pinoyrukus*

Toys For Tots Meet Photos (multiple forums/ car groups) *Shot By danny/dannyboy and dereck/dreksti*

SubieFest 11 *shot by Michael/Pinoyrukus*

First Meet / Still Waiting on Jakes Batch he used my tripod!! *shot by Michael/Pinoyrukus*

Local Used Subaru Parts PM me if interested

Parts off Jerrys 2011 silver Sti hatch (i bought most of em LOL)
Tomioka EL headers/upipe $450

Parts off ryans 03 silver wrx:
oem 16inch wheels with tires $100 no curbs (one tire needs a patch)
02/03 jdm sti hoodscoop painted silver
cusco front/rear strut tower braces $100 each
07Sti TMIC $250
Megans DP uncatted $60
red hazzard switch $15

08+ wrx tubroxs RFL bov.
Good working condition.
Asking 120.

Michael/pinoyrukus 08 sti hatch:
oem sti sway bars best offer

Sunnis evo X:
ets divorced dp

Ronalds rsx
exedy lightweight flywheel $200

evo 9 wheels 17x8 et35 5x114.3 $350
montegi wheels orange 17x7 et40 $250
both/combo $500 no tires

02 wrx motor spun bearing
02 stock intake

Finalized Business Card / Slap on any car you like cards. Each member gets a box and pitch in if you can.


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should be 12+ subies if they all go LOL. Im trying to get it up to 20+ so if you know anyone please let em know

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Hey Guys, might have met a few of you at the last big Subie event held at Woodward Park this past summer, I was the only one with the Legacy GT. Trying to find some local clubs to hangout with, since the Legacy club here in Fresno has died. Mind if I swing by and check out the event?

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Of course your welcome to come. downside is its a 2hr drive for you =T . I'd love to have more Diversity in out meets. Check us out on nabisco same thread name we are more active on there.

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Bakersfield, yeah that's a long haul on a Friday evening, thought you guys might be closer. If and when you guys get something going on a weekend, I'll be more incline to come down. I'll check out nabisco as well, thanks.

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BEWARE! blue bug eye with gold rims was at my house staring lucky i have alot of ppls in day time off work everyday watching caught them on site the guy stalled the car when my mom went out there and then he rev up again and took off later (10mins later ) he came by again and he did a donut then took off again...
my dad said around 2am my dad was outside chilling and saw him 6house down watching my subbie. Anyways just heads up
Blue wrx with big spoiler might be an sti im not sure but its a bug eye.
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