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All, I'm parting out my 2006 WRX wagon with 108k miles. Whacked on the front passenger side door, busted the glass and bent the metal pretty bad (but door still opened/functioned). Parts I don't need will be going to someone who really wants them - this is my first part out so let's make a deal. I don't want them hanging around in the garage all winter because I need the space, so I'd like them gone ASAP. These parts are useable on many years and models, so check or ask if it fits your vehicle before purchasing.

Since you're all nice folks, the prices below are suggested, but flexible. I live in Maryland about 25 miles NW of DC. I prefer local pickup, but am willing to ship if you are paying for the cost (and boxing/preparation hassle) of trying to get these things to you.

Here's what I have so far, with much more to come. All parts are used, but in good condition. Bulbs, plugs, etc. are functioning. All tabs in trim pieces are good. Does not come with installation hardware (bolts/nuts, etc.) unless specified, but possible if requested and I can find it in my bolt bin.

STRIPPED CHASSIS: $3k? (flexible on this for sure)
- INCLUDES: hard brake lines (except front pass. side had tubing break off at caliper flexible line flare nut), washer fluid lines, rear bumper, windshield w/ rearview mirror base (has a few bubbles/weirdness near rearview mirror base), rear quarter windows, luggage compartment foam.
- DOES NOT INCLUDE: most bolted-on brackets, rear hatch, doors, hood, gas tank, bolt-on suspension members, wiring harness, etc.

Driveshaft/propeller shaft, with brackets: $300
Rear differential: $900
Stainless straightpipe cat-back exhaust with O2 bung: $350
Front chassis frame assembly (suspension crossmember): $250
Steering rack beam: $75
Front strut and spring assembly, driver’s side: $75
Front shock spring (strut bent in accident), passenger’s side: $25
Rear shocks and springs, pair: $200

Hood scoop with attachment plate/rubber skirt: $150
Driver's side front fender (primed/unpainted): $100
Driver's headlight assembly, with bulbs: $200
Driver's taillight assembly, with bulbs (will throw in black plastic bezel for free): $100
Automatic heating and A/C control panel: $300
Driver's side sill (painted blue): $150
Rear bumper face: $150
Rear seats (cushions, etc. but not seat belts): $250
Rear hatch (complete except no hinges): $500
Front driver's side door (missing side mirror): $350
Rear driver's side door (missing hinges, handles, and latch mechanism): $250
Rear passenger's side door (missing hinges, handles, and latch mechanism, some very minor sheet metal damage from accident): $175
Cowl panel assembly with weatherstripping (a little sun-worn, but could be refreshed with Back to Black): $40
Both windshield wiper arms and blades (blades need to be replaced): $20 each

Main compartment carpet: $250
Console box assembly: $50
Instrument panel (no gauge pod, just big dash trim piece with side vents, passenger airbag, etc.): $150
Glove box w/ surround: $50
Console Cover (parking brake boot may need replacement): $20
Trim near ankles on both sides of trans. tunnel: $15 each
Rear door sill trim: $15 each
Front door sill trim (driver's only): $20
B pillar lower trim: $20 each
B pillar upper trim (driver's only): $15
Center Vent panel (no hazard switch): $35
Instrument panel cowl: $20
Driver's lower instrument panel trim (with fog light switch): $35
Cargo area trim, driver's side: $75
Cargo area trim, passenger's side (does NOT include seat belt pass-through trim piece, because I can't figure out how to get it off the seat belt): $75

A/C compressor: $250
A/C condenser coil assembly: $125
Heater system blower/motor unit: $450
Heater unit/heater core (one duct on driver's side has broken clip, new duct is $12): $450
Underseat floor ducts (both): $30

Will accept reasonable offers. More parts to come as I take more apart - including the (almost) bare chassis.

Pics to follow.

retractable tonneau cover
front lower control arms
steering rack
rear suspension arms
front and rear spindles
front bumper
shift boot/trim
front/rear axles

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Available doors, front and rear. Front has everything but side mirror, rears are missing hinges and handles/latch mechanism. Rear passenger side has card, just not shown in pictures yet.

Front driver side:

Rear driver side:

Rear passenger side:

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I don't have the airbox. The car has a modified air intake. I do have 4 door speakers and 2 door tweeters, at least until the doors sell. Could easily part with 1 front door tweeter and the larger speaker from that door ... I'd like to keep the other doors intact as much as possible for now.
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