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Here is your chance to be part of a handful of people to have the Extended Version of the WC Radiator Shroud. The Radiator Shroud is configured for the 02-05 model years. This version is not guaranteed fit any other years, as demostrated in the photo below.

"I made a small run of an extended radiator shroud. I use it on my car and my brother's car and a few lucky customers have them as well.
I have TWO left in stock in black powdercoat. If you want one, the price is $50 shipped.
Here's a pic:

I designed it with smooth lines instead of sharp corners. This one covers the gap for the intake snorkel and has NO mounting holes for the snorkel because it is rendered useless with this shroud.
You can only use this if you have no snorkel pipe from the intake box."
- Chris at WC Lathe Werks

The Alternator Shroud is configured for the 02-05 model years. Although WC's website allows for 02-07 fitment from the drop down box, this version is not guaranteed fit any other years than what I specified.

Both parts have never been installed and are perfect mint condition!
That's right, my lazy butt never got around to cleaning my engine and bay area so they never got put on before I sold my 05 STi. So, both items come with original hardware, install instructions for the alternator cover, and certificate of authenticity.

As you can see, I paid $108 shipped for these items (the roll pin was unrelated to the sale of the shrouds). I am asking $85 shipped, or $77 to locals.

Does this shroud work with aftermarket radiators?
I have the same one on my mishimoto I had to slightly modify the fill neck cutout.
From Chris "Since all After Market radiators are different sizes, no."
It won't fit after market radiators. The shroud is so beautiful looking, I would NOT want to cut and hack it.
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