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MAPerformance Stage 1 - 91 Oct

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Is anyone out there running the MAPerformance Stage 1 - 91 octane map? If so, what are you guys getting for your AF Learning 1 at idle. Mine goes between -8 and -10, which from reading forums and other info online seems a little high.
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I'm just going off of the live display. I still need to do a good datalog. I don't show those columns in the default datalog, so I'm assuming I need to add those in the logging parameters.
I always shoot for AF Learning values in the +/- 3% range.

On the OpenECU forums, +/- 5% was the "acceptable margin of error".

According to Cobb, +/- 8%

If you're paying for an additional calibration (e.g., MAP), I would want at least +/- 5%, which is what the amateurs shoot for. Contact MAP and get them to help you. When you bought their calibration, you also bought their support; you are supposed to be getting a "better" tune than what Cobb offers.
Also following, I'm looking to do their exhaust/intake setup. Sounds the most aggressive from YouTube Clips
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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