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Hey guys!

Coming from an 04' 4runner, I wanted something a bit small but with AWD and an auto tranny. I narrowed down my search to a WRX. I originally wanted an 04-08' but because of a majority of the prices on em I settled on the 02 wagon. I found a few for under 10K which is my budget.

I came across an ad for an 02' WRX Wagon Auto for about 7250 including all fees and taxes from a dealer. Im still trying to see if I can negotiate on price but from what ive read and heard its not THAT bad of a price. The thing is, it does have 150K miles clocked. This is why im posting here im wondering what exactly am getting my self into? What can I expect from an 02 with this much milage? I havent checked it out in person but from what ive seen its practically bone stock and only had one owner.

According to the car fax, there was an accident report, but no structural damage. Last reported on the odo 148,793. I am aware of the two recalls about the wagons rear gate and the engine fuel line issue. From what I can see inspections and maintenance like oil changes oil filter changes have been done regularly at the same shop,

What stands out to me on the carfax:

At 9K miles Vehicle inspected after an
accident or other incident
A vehicle inspection completed
by your dealer or professional
inspector is recommended

I assume this was minor since the car clocked 150K with regular checkup and maintenance

At 16K miles
Recommended maintenance performed
Window repaired
Oil and filter changed
Battery/charging system checked

Sounds about right, window probably cause some one tried to break in or they waited awhile after the 1st accident?

What kinda gets to me is:

Compass recalibrated
Rear brake rotor(s) resurfaced
Front brake rotor(s) resurfaced
Front strut(s)/insert cartridge(s) replaced

this was done in august and october of 2005 at around 45k Miles

Now im not a huge car person or a gear head but what little knowledge i assume that wasnt a HUGE deal.

So thats pretty much it. I could use any advice regarding this car or any input. Is this gonna be a moneypit at 150K miles? Am I gonna have to be dumping money into it as soon as I get it? Im not abusive to my cars I go to work and school and then back home and thats pretty much it. I just wanted to switch from my 4runner to a smaller AWD car and the WRX wagon fit all my needs. I dont really have any mods lined up for it as soon as i get it besides changing the stereo, speakers and maybe the headlights, but thats pretty much it.

Any input would be awesome!

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