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Which Gauge Brand Do you prefer?

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BF Series (60mm)

  • Brightness adjustment: 10 stages of brightness, 5 stages in the daytime and 5 stages at night.
  • Driving data can be stored and can be replayed up to 3 minutes.
  • Double Warning function by a meter's LED lamp and a beep
  • If Defi-Link Indicator(sold separately) is connected, it blinks when any of connected meters' warning LED light.
  • Defi-Link Indicators can be connected to each gauge.
  • Differential pressure between fuel pressure and turbo can be shown if both of fuel pressure meter and turbo meter are installed. Gauges have peak hold and warning features
  • All Gauges are 60mm
  • Defi-Link Control Unit II is necessary to operate Defi-Link Meter BF.
SI Units

Amber Series:

Part No.
Boost Gauge (in KPA):DF04302
Oil Pressure Gauge (in KPA):DF04402
Fuel Pressure Gauge (in KPA):DF04502
Oil Temperature Gauge (in Celcius):DF04602
Water Temperature Gauge (in Celcius):DF04702
Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge (in Celcius):DF04802

White Series:

Part No.
Boost Gauge (in KPA):DF04301
Oil Pressure Gauge (in KPA):DF04401
Fuel Pressure Gauge (in KPA):DF04501
Oil Temperature Gauge (in Celcius):DF04601
Water Temperature Gauge (in Celcius):DF04701
Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge (in Celcius):DF04801

Imperial Units (US)

Amber Series:

Part No.
Boost Gauge (in PSI):DF04304
Oil Pressure Gauge (in PSI):DF04404
Fuel Pressure Gauge (in PSI):DF04504
Oil Temperature Gauge (in Fahrenheit):DF04604
Water Temperature Gauge (in Fahrenheit):DF04704
Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge (in Fahrenheit):DF04804

White Series:

Part No.
Boost Gauge (in PSI):DF04303
Oil Pressure Gauge (in PSI):DF04403
Fuel Pressure Gauge (in PSI):DF04503
Oil Temperature Gauge (in Fahrenheit):DF04603
Water Temperature Gauge (in Fahrenheit):DF04703
Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge (in Fahrenheit):DF04803


  • Does not require and can't be used with the Defi-Link Control Unit
  • Ignition ON initiates self-luminescence gauge.
  • Lightning-like Opening / Closing mode with Blue illumination using high-brightness LEDs
  • Self-diagnostics function monitors both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during startup.
  • The red triangle of the regular position bezel can be used as a warning indicator.
  • Full 270 degrees sweep dial provides ultimate visibility.
  • All Gauges are 52mm (2 1/16")
  • Temperature gauge used for Water or Oil- Pressue Gauge used for Fuel or Oil

Part No.
Blue Racer 52mm Boost Gauge (PSi):DF06501
Blue Racer 52mm Pressure Gauge (PSI):DF06601
Blue Racer 52mm Exhaust Gas Temp. Gauge (Farenheit):DF06801
Blue Racer 52mm Temperature Gauge (Farenheit):DF06701
Defi Blue Racer 52mm Voltage Gauge (10~15V):DF07001

Controllers and Indicators

Part No.
Defi Link Control Unit II:
(DF05002) Required for Defi BF Series Gauges.
Defi Link Indicator II: DF05801
Defi Single Meter Hood Visor: DF05201
Defi Link Display: DF05101​


Auto Meter Ultra-Lite Series (52mm)

This Ultra-Lite gauge is the hottest instrument in motor sports. Aluminum construction greatly reduces weight while its anodized aluminum dial and bright red fluorescent pointer make it easy to read. This Ultra-Lite gauge includes rugged air core meter movement and a full pointer appearance. It has an anodized aluminum face with black digits. All 2" Gauges

Part No.

Memory/Warning Electronic 30psi Vacuum/Boost: 4377
30psi Mechanical Boost Gauge: 4303
0-2000 Degree EGT Kit:4345
0-100psi Fuel Pressure Gauge: 4312
100-250 deg. F short-sweep Electronic Oil Temperature Gauge: 4347
Mechanical Water Temp 120-240 Degrees F: 4332
35psi Mechanical Boost Gauge: 4304
0-1600 Degree EGT Kit: 4344
0-100psi short-sweep Electronic Oil Pressure Gauge: 4327
140-280 degree F full-sweep Oil Temperature Gauge: 4341

0-150psi Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge: 4323 ~May Require
-6' Nylon Tubing w/ Fittings: 3222
-1/8" NPT to 1/8" BSPT Oil Pressure Fitting Adaptor: 2269

Electronic Air Fuel Gauge: 4375 ~May Require
-Band O2 Sensor Kit:

Auto Meter Nexus Gauges (52mm)

Digital microprocessor controlled 270 degree sweep rugged stepper motor driven electric gauges offer the highest levels of precision and technology to the discerning enthusiast. Race proven senders keep hazardous fluids inside the engine bay and monitor critical systems safely and with authority. Gauge calibration and sensor diagnostics occur on power up for extreme accuracy. Most Full Sweep Electric gauges are compatible with and capable of connecting to Auto Meter Data Logger units for the ultimate race information center. These gauges offer 7 different illumination colors and the capability to store datalog information to an SD Card.

Part No.
Nexus Sensor Module: 6400
Nexus 52mm Boost Gauge: 6459
Nexus 52mm Fuel Pressure Gauge: 6463
Nexus 52mm Oil Pressure Gauge: 6453
Nexus 52mm Water Temperature Gauge: 6455
Nexus 52mm EGT Gauge: 6459​


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i use prosport gauges!

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what do mean wtf to the posts above???

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Im looking into 52mm egt, oil pressure, fuel pressure. Could you pm me a price of these shipped that match the 05 WRX OEM dash.
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