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So about 3 months ago, my car was due for timing belt service work. Usually, I go to Precision Tuning in Lakewood, NJ for any sort of service on my car, as they truly are the best shop on the East Coast, hands down. However, my schedule required that I be around the Philly area, so I went ahead and took my car to Cherry Hill Subaru in Cherry Hill, NJ for the service. The timing belt service went without a hitch (I thought), and I was on my merry way, paying about $600 to Cherry Hill Subaru.

Flash forward a month and a half clutch starts slipping hardcore, so off to Precision Tuning I go to get an Exedy Stage 1 Organic installed. Before and after the service, Rich Ellis mentioned that he was wary about a cyclical sound coming under the timing belt cover area. Being that they just finished major service on the car with the clutch, I postponed looking at this issue till later, noting to myself that whatever it is, it's in the timing belt, so drive conservatively for now.

Flash forward to today 9 am. Back to Precision Tuning I go to fix an exhaust leak. The sound from under the timing belt cover again uneased Rich, so I figured, whatever, let's see what it is, hopefully it's nothing serious...a bad idler or something.

Turns out it was much, much worse. Basically, Subaru of Cherry Hill claims that for their timing belt service, they swap out the timing belt, check the pulleys, accessory belts, and properly adjust the belt.

All of those did not happen. That cyclical sound was the timing belt getting EATEN because the passenger side belt guide was not adjusted properly. Basically, it was almost clamped down on the belt, with very little clearance. My timing belt which was brand new 3 months ago, is shredded to bits. Not to mention, the pulley pretty much was almost shot, ditto the accesory belts, and idlers.

What I'm forced to conclude is all Subaru of Cherry Hill did was simply swap out the timing belt without properly checking and adjusting the general area (which they claim they do), and tried to get me "in and out" in a fast food fashion from their shop. As you all know, a bad timing belt = bye bye engine. My timing belt was chewed down all the way to the ridges...I would've been lucky to get another month out of the car.

Needless to say, I will be heading back to Subaru of Cherry Hill tomorrow to demand a full refund for negligent (arguably LACK OF) service and wasting two days of my time. I'm quite thankful that Rich from Precision Tuning picked this up, and he basically saved my engine from dying an early death.

Rich and the guys at Precision Tuning, you guys are the best.

Subaru of Cherry Hill...**** YOU AND SEE YOU TOMORROW. Anyone considering any sort of service from this disgrace of a shop, BEWARE.

end rant.
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