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So i had the magnaflow catback installed for a while and last night installed the down pipe. What a PITA. The heat shield and 5 nuts/bolts holding the down pipe to the turbo were no problem. Where i had problems were where the downpipe met the catback and the lower bracing bracket for the downpipe. I think the Agency Power downpipe must be longer than the stock dp (i should have measured when i had them both off) as i had a hell of a time getting enough slack in the catback to get them to mate. The magnaflow cb is 3" right up to where it mates to the dp. So i used a adapter and gasket but i still think there is an exhaust leak. on top of that the whole catback is pushed back straining the rubber hangers making the tips stick out almost an inch past the bumper. I think i'm going to take off the catback and cut 1" off one of the sections to help relieve some of the stress and give me more wiggle room.

now the good side. POWER!!! holy crap. I went from stock to cb to ap tune to ap tune with cai to stage 2 and stage 2 is really where it opens up. stage 1 the power wasn't a tremendous increase but power delivery was a lot smoother. with stage 2 right at 3500 rpms does it just throw you back and pulls hard almost to redline. Boost is spot on with the 91 stage 2 tune from cobb. 17/18 psi around 4k and tapers off to 13 or so by redline. no boost creep or anything.

I also don't understand why people don't like the intake sound. It's AWESOME!! plus you only hear it when i boost. most of the time i'm not in boost and rpms are below 3k for just normal driving. I average 27mpg in mixed driving. So i don't hear the intake until over 1/4 throttle and above 2500 rpms.

So the only things left on my to do are to re-tap the threads on the bracket to support the downpipe (must have gotten damaged when i was removing the bolt because the bolt will no longer thread back in). The brace is still supporting the dp, it's just not bolted. Cut an inch off the catback pipe to get some more wiggle room. And lastly get a heat shield as I don't want to cut up the stock one. I'm looking at the Cobb heat shield. However after driving to work i opened the hood (20 min of driving) and the intercooler wasn't even warm to the touch. I think being catless allows alot of the heat to escape down the exhaust but the turbo itself is still hot. Just no converter to cook anymore.

Cliffs: Go stage 2! :thumbup:
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