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Well, here it goes. Build thread take #2. I bought this car with the intention of making it a project car. It's been a dream of mine for some time. I have weighed the pros and cons of my warranty, and decided that I am okay with taking the risk. If I have to fix something or buy a new engine out of my own pocket, then so be it. It’s not the end of the world for me. I have funds set aside if anything comes up. I will post pics and updates. I’ve had the car almost a year, and there have been a lot of people to help me along the way….. SubaPerformance in Denver, In Boost Performance and The Boost Creep in Longmont…random internet people with great deals on unused car parts… and, of course, some of our own family: @anarekist, @unseen, @Wrexic, @JaySin, @RichD514, and the late motosteve(before he went off the deep end).

2017 CBS WRX

Engine | Exhaust Modifications:
- Corsa 3" Catback Exhaust
- IAG Performance Street Series AOS (Red)

Suspension | Steering Modifications:
- RCE Yellow Springs
- GTWORX Bilstein re-valved shocks/struts (received for ½ price new)
- Whiteline front & rear sway bar/ endlinks upgrade kit

Transmission Modifications:
- Boomba Short Throw Shifter
- Perrin Bushing

Wheel | Brake Modifications:
- Rota Grid Wheels, 18x 9.5 +38

- Hardwired Dash Cam
- LED interior lights at footwell and above windshield (generic auto shop brand kits)
- Subwoofer and new speakers (don’t remember brand)

- Pink Accents
- Subaru Factory side skirts, front lip, and rear diffuser

MODS installed on 4/2018
- The souls of 6 unicorns
- Cobb Accessport V3
- Killer B Motorsport Twin Scroll ELH w/ Dual EWG Flange
- Turbosmart Comp-Gate40 Wastegate 14psi
- Cobb 3-port boost selnoid
- Cobb FMIC
- IASG EGR Block off kit
- Hopes and dreams
- IAG TGV Delete
- Cobb Flex fuel kit
- Fuel pump (brand TBD)
- Intake (TBD)
- ETS Catted Downpipe
- Rear-view mirror dice
- Hawk HP+ Street & Track Brake pads (front & rear)
- Stoptech Stainless Steel brake lines (front & rear)
- ACT 6 Puck Clutch/ Flywheel kit
- Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid
- DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap
- DEI Turbo Shield
- AEM Oil Pressure & X Series Wideband UEGO Gauge
- Glitter
- SMY Clustermaker Dual Gauge Pod
- theboostcreep protune

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awesome post!

glad to FINALLY read something on this forum where fellow members helped out each other and contributed to accomplishing something instead of sat behind a keyboard and complained/harassed.

Good luck on your upcoming build date, subscribed!

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It’s good you’ve reposted this. The 4/3 stuff is I bet going to transform entirely your experience. I like your wheels too.

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My build was delayed. There was a manufacturers defect in the killer b headers. The replacement just arrived, however- the problem now is getting tuned. Harvey @ The Boost Creep was three weeks out for a tune when I originally scheduled. They are installing a new dynamometer this week- then need to calibrate it, test it, etc. They are going to be down for a few days. After that, they are fully booked. It’s going to be at least another week. They’ve given me the option to pick it up and drive it in limp mode until tuning time, but think I might just wait it out. Haven’t quite decided on that, yet. Will update after tune. :)
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