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low tire pressure light wont go away

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so i just put on a set of 18x9.5 rims and coils. ever since my low tire pressure light has been on. first i had 36lbs of air in them, then moved it to 40lbs and its still on. is there a way to get rid of that or am i stuck with it due to the after market rims or from the car being to low?
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I am guessing that the new wheels have new tpms sensors, or the tpms sensors from your stock wheels in them? If there are no tpms sensors, then the light will not go away. If there are tpms sensors on the new wheels, you need to take it to a shop to have them recalibrated to your new wheel/tires.

Same thing when I went from my stock 17x8 wheels on my old wrx to 18x9.5 wheels with 255/35/18 tires. They hooked some little machine up to it, recalibrated them, and was good to go. Took them 5 minutes.
will any tire shop be able to do this? or is this more of a dealer job?
Wouldn't hurt to call a couple tire shop places. IAG did mine after rolling my fenders and stuff after I got my suspension put on. I'm sure the dealership can do it, might cost a little extra. But I don't see why any tire place couldn't do it.
alright nice. thanks for the info :thumbup:
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