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Compression and leakdown test showed cylinder #3 has a cracked ringland.

That being said the tech at the shop said to just keep driving it and it will be fine for "a while."

Should I keep driving it and start saving for a new shortblock or trade it in while its running fine.

Decisions decisions my gut is 50/50 right now.

Located in Northern Indiana

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2008 w/34k Miles

Blouch Performance 20g-xtr turbo
Grimmspeed tmic
MXP headers and uppipe
Invidia catless downpipie
Cobb sf ram intake
Cobb 1000cc injectors
Cobb ebcs
Cobb access port v2
DW fuel pump
GFB fuel pressure regulator kit
IAG aos
SPT strut tower brace
SPT Lower chasis brace
SPT short throw shifter
SPT Group-N trans and motor mounts
SPT Group-N pitch stopper
Prova D-Ring steering wheel
Greddy spectrum elite exhaust
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