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So I have a 2005 WRX.
Catless UP/DP and straight pipe
Cobb Accessport stage 2 93 map

So I bought this car a few years back was running about 6-8psi of boost for a while and I didn't know any better until my friends and I got to talking the other day and I realized that stock boost levels are like 13.5 psi.
So... I started by checking for vacuum leaks. Couldn't find anything obvious. Restrictor pill was in place and in the correct place.I then pulled my vacuum line off the wastegate actuator and took it for a spin.18psi quick. So I took it easy back to the house. Took my EBC off and found that it wasn't functioning properly. I couldn't blow through it while energized.I thought this is my problem and ordered a new one. I changed it out and I went up to 12 psi. Went ahead and changed all vacuum lines for boost still the same.
This is the weird part. I then took my vacuum back off my wastegate actuator and it didn't change my boost levels any. So I put the line back on and drove it to work a few days. My boost levels have dropped to around 8psi in 1st and 2nd and 10 to 10.5 psi max in 3rd. I have checked my DAM it's showing 16 which is where cobb says it should be. I don't think it's pulling timing or anything. No CELS. I turned the actuator arm 2 rounds it didn't change anything.
I'm stuck. I'm thinking about just ordering a MBC to see if it will help anything. I know this isn't the safe way to fix the problem but I found them few extra psi and it has made me greedy. Lol. Anyone have any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.
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