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Our ‘17 WRX is now 20 months old, has 20K+ miles, and it remains a daily hoot to drive. Love its extra firm ride, its brutish looks, its uneven throttle mapping, and its raw edges. Glad it is so far from being a sophisticated, nor a relaxed car to drive.

Enjoyed modding it, and with all its interior upgrades, the cabin is a nice place to be. (See signature link re its 35+ mods if interested.)

We still look forward to getting into it, even when just going to the gym or running errands. And as for carving curvy country corners, its a thrill!

This car is the opposite of calm motoring, and why we still have a crush on it.

Despite its seeming lack of calm, it is still our road trip car of choice, and we have a 5,400 mile trip planned for the spring.
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Nice! I'm glad that you've enjoyed the car!
I can't discount the possibility that I could wind up in another WRX or STI, down the road. I hope that they stay enthusiast-focused.
Form could use some more great experience posts. They are good to read

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5400 mile trip should prove fun. Best I did was NY-FL and back.
"...why we have a crush..."?

Wife? My wife does not like my wrx. But that is ok. Whenever she says she does not like it, I say 'that's ok; it doesn't like you either.'
Nice - "we" love "our" WRX too at 26 months and almost 20k miles. Although I drive it most of the time, my wife loves the WRX and drives it every time she isn't hauling robotics stuff around in the old Pilot. It was actually her that thought we should get a WRX to replace the Forester that she found boring and never really liked. She learned to drive with a stick shift and I've never once heard her complain about the clutch or shifter like most everyone else on here!
49K with my 2015 WRX and still loving the drive.
.... Forester that she found boring and never really liked....
I have a boring wife; she loves her Forester. Now mind you, I like a boring wife - they are lower maintenance.
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