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So, I'll be moving from the Greater Toronto Area to Southern Saskatchewan, soon after the New Year and I hope some concerns I have about bringing my car over can be negated. After the occasional lurk, I've decided to make migrate to this forum from a more "region specific" one. Here's my sob story: I've currently got about 6 months left on the lease of my 2011 WRX, I leased the car during the beginning of my less financially stable job, with the understanding that I may have to give it back if I couldn't afford to buy it after the lease period ended and in doing so, set up a timeline and established motivation for seeking better employment. The good news is that I'm on the verge of beginning a meaningful career, which provides me with the financial means to keep the car, however it requires me to move and gives me some concerns about the feasibility of keeping my car.

I'm hoping those in Saskatchewan can begin to dispel some rumours or myths I've heard about living there. General consensus has been to "dump the rice rocket and get a truck and snowmobile". My main concerns are the roads and driving surfaces, compounded by the lack of ground clearance; I hear the roads are not well maintained and unpaved, especially in areas I'll be living and working in. I'm also worried about the availability of good gas, my WRX has been feed a steady diet of Ultra 94, which apparently is unavailable throughout the entire province and the nearest Petro Canada is in either Moose Jaw or Regina, both of which are about two hours away from where I'll be, in either direction. Can these myths be busted? Am I being too paranoid? I'm currently not considering the idea of having two vehicles for now, I do have plans of moving further westward in a few years (Alberta), so wherever it is I decide to live, I may only have a one car garage, if any at all. What I liked about the Subarus were their versatility; I think it's a great compromise and a feasible option for a "one vehicle which does a lot of things well" option, with performance as well. I hope my inferences are not unfounded. The snow also concerns me (weird, coming from a Subaru driver) because despite the vehicle's rally heritage, it's still a road vehicle and I've found myself stuck in axle-deep snow before.

I'm looking for reassurance, as well as advice. In preparation, I've purchased a booster pack for my battery with a built in air compressor. I'm also planning on picking up an engine block heater. Should I consider anything else?

Any help is appreciated.


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