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Looking for paint protection film install / tint

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Hi, I've got a new 2017 WRX and I'm looking to put a clear bra on it as well as maybe do a light tint on the side/back. I see down below in the thread a recommendation for TNT Tinting; does anyone have a recommendation in Montgomery County? Thanks!

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I had my clear bra and tint done at TNT Tint in sterling for a great price. I would go back.

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Thanks! I guess that's two votes for them...I might have to head down there!
For the guys that have already had it done, what film did you end up going with and how much did it run (just ballpark # is cool too, if you don't want to give any specifics). TIA!
I ended up going with Tint Galaxy in Gaithersburg; AJ did a great, great job. I got the base film Suntek 18'' bra and mirror kit installed as well as a full tint job for $900.

He did an amazing job and I can't recommend him highly enough. The WRX front end is super complex and I would not try to apply the PPF without a lot of practice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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