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Hey team

Long time not posting - lots going on - selling a house - mom heart attack - new job - move - kids in new schools - vacation - so on

so I apologies for my appetence and my new request with out posting anything else

My one home is selling and I promises my son I would get him a WRB WRX like mine (Doesn't matter year/wagon)

But my budget it 5500

Just looking for a good WRX that has the required maintained done for the mileage - we don't care if it has 300,000 as long as it has been up to date (it is a first car)

HAS to be Stick - and MIN RUST - but that's about it - would like WRB - but not deal breaker if the price is right

In NJ shore - Central NJ - North NJ

Craigslist is a nightmare with cars that could be - could not be - good cars

If I could ask for some help finding something I would be very appreciative

Thank you in advance

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