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Stainless steel?

I'm looking at buying a used '15 WRX. Around 25K on the clock. Wondering about wear items like tires, brakes and exhaust. These are usually getting close to the end of their life cycle and need replaced. Obviously, a stainless will last a lot longer than a aluminized steel. And also weather conditions the vehicle has be subjected to will matter as well.

Normally what i do is when a part needs replaced on my vehicles, I take it to the next level. Then I don't end up with a garage full of slightly used parts. In reading the stickies etc and if I understand it right, a cat back exhaust will only add seat of the pants performance and unmeasured. And anything forward of the cat will add some measurable performance. I'm not sure I want to go the added performance route, might want to change the exhaust note. We'll see once I have owned the car for a spell.

Nice growl at idle, not loud, proportional to the car and not attention grabbing. Any suggestions?
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