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Looking at a 2008-14 WRX and have a few questions

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Hi I'm new here, I've been looking at 2008-14 WRX and I have a few questions about some things I've been noticing on carfaxes on a lot of the cars I've seen. One thing is the steering wheel switches always seem to be replaced not long after the car is initially sold, was this a recall or something? I've tried searching and I found a recall for legacy's/outback's of the same year range but couldn't find anything on impreza's.

Another common thing I've seen is steering/suspension checked regularly, usually not long after regular maintenance (like oil and filter change, etc) was noted. Is this a a maintenance thing or does it indicate an issue? I know that it could vary from car to car but I've seen this on a few car's where they had pretty much a full service history and they were checking steering and suspension almost every other time the car was serviced and I wasn't sure what to think.

But I also had two questions about one specific car that I'm thinking about taking a look at, it's a 2010 WRX with 87k. On the carfax it shows the first owner had it for about a year and then it went back to the dealer, but it had the transmission removed and reinstalled and then was sold as certified pre-owned. Since then other than regular maintenance the only repair it shows is the differential bearings being replaced at 55k. Should I be concerned about that? It seems to be in pretty good shape otherwise and since there isn't anything else about the transmission since then it doesn't seem that there has been issues since then.

Thanks for any help.
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I know this is old, but if you're still looking, the suspension/steering notation on the carfax could be a simple allignment. Carfax is kind of vague. Usually if you give the dealer where the work was done the VIN for the car they will be happy to tell you the history known to them. As for the trans, the previous owner probably shredded the original trans, traded the car in, and then the part was replaced. Wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, especially if its a CPO car with 100k powertrain warranty.
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