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Recently, one of my good friends purchased a 2011 Pearl White WRX premium. It was interesting because one of his first nights out we met randomly at one of the local Friday hangouts.

For whatever reason, this re-sparked an interest in my own Subaru, which is a 2009 Pearl White premium package 4 door that came with the basic SPT mods (short shift, SPT exhaust). I purchased the car new a little over two years ago and is currently at 17k miles.

To be honest, I've never really been interested in adding mods to the EJ motor, and from the beginning the intent was always to be a stock DD that handles well and produces decent Torque/HP numbers with a beatiful power band. The car drives so well and is so civil it makes it hard to justify climbing behind the wheel of my actual project car that I've been pouring money into.

Anyway, I'd like to become a little more active in Subaru community and learn more about the EJ55 and 57. At some point, I might consider upgrades to my suspension (F/R swaybars and stiffer springs/shocks), changing out my wheels, and possibly trying to delete my spoiler (or change trunks w/ a 2.5i). I plan to keep my WRX for the long term unless I trade it in for a STi, BRZ, FR-S, or the next gen WRX.

The only things I haven't been able to learn so far are smaller details (not that I've tried looking too much), such as stock injectors/fuel pump sizes, what's the best bang for buck suspension upgrades (e.g springs, entry level coil overs), and who are the most reliable leading Subaru vendors.

Phew anyway, I look forward to spending more time here.


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