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Well i finally got back from Korea and got to Delaware from Omaha NE (about 1200 miles). I was little worried about my MPG since i usually get 18-22 in the city, but i was a little surprised. On the highway going ~65 with CC on i would get about 28-30, anything above 65 all the way up to 85-90 with CC on i wold get about 27 MPG. I would say my Avg speed was around 75 and my total Avg MPG was around 27 MPG for the trip. I was nabbing 35 MPG for about 80 miles but i was about 10 yards away from my wife's TDI.

The wife's TDI would get 50ish MPG at about 65 but once she went anything over that it dropped to 35 or less... If those cars aren't at their optimal speed their MPGs drop fast. The WRX once on the HWY seemed to remain fairly consistent with the MPGs no matter what speed as long as i stayed out of boost.

Few things to note:
-3 people in the car including me.
-About 100-150 pounds of luggage in the trunk.

It's no TDI but it did well in my opinion.
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