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TL;DR: I'm struggling to find a simple list of the release dates of WRXs/STIs over the years; having this information might allow me to roughly predict when the 2021 model will release (in finer terms than "late 2020"), which would help me decide whether I should make a purchase now, or wait to see what the 2021 model year brings (including reduced prices on the VA chassis I'm currently looking at)...

I'm a veteran noob who first fell in love with the WRX some ~15 years ago...I think I saw the bug-eye in some car book or something- before we even had a computer in the house! ? fuck I'm old ? ugh- 27 isn't that bad...
I joined here as a kid to obsess over the hobby well before being remotely capable of buying a car - so long ago in fact, my clubwrx account disappeared and I had to make a new one with the same email address - I had a 'favorites' folder filled with all the parts I wanted...
Now I can finally make that dream come true! Actually, this is extra magical because when I recently decided I needed and could get a new car and began my research, the only stipulation I started with was "AWD sedan"; of course it's not exactly surprising I ended up coming back to the WRX, but I definitely considered other options- a Volvo S60 was a serious contender, due to my Swedish bias ? As of right now, I'm leaning heavily toward the VA chassis, probably a WRX and not an STI. Some big reasons I'm inclined to wait however, are my hatred for the VA interior, word that the new model will bring big changes to the somewhat stale format, because the 2019 trim model I'm currently looking at hasn't depreciated much yet, and because picking between the WRX and STI VA chassis isn't coming easy:
  • Lower vs higher RPM peak power
  • WRX: No wing (I much prefer this- wild I know!)
  • STI: DCCD (yes please)
  • STI: horrendous fuel economy
Realistically, it's relatively simple where I'm at in terms of waiting on a purchase: I can do it somewhat if there's good reason...but I probably can't wait past the next winter ?
After a recent change in financial situation giving me a solid green light, and approximately three metric fucktons of research starting with "AWD sedan", my head space is akin to red-lining waiting to dump the clutch (was that too cringe? Lul)- I really want to make a purchase...

If a Subaru insider could pop in here and just release all the details on the new 2021 model, that'd be much appreciated ?

P.S. I looked at the rules in here and the FAQ in general and didn't see anything on posting an introduction thread - which I understand is a common rule for forums - so I hope I'm not introducing myself as a screw-up!
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