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Hey guys,
Was looking for some insight for an on going problem that I have been troubleshooting for a while now. I have a 2010 WRX with the following mods:
20G, FMIC, 1000cc injectors, 255 Walboro, fuel rails, Invidia downpipe and Q300 exhaust, NGK one step colder plugs, manual boost controller, Cobb intake and Opensource tune. Last year the car was shipped from the states to Germany for an overseas assignment. All was good, got to do a decent pull on the Autobahn and got up to 125mph. Well a couple weeks later I was driving to work rolling at about 85mph, went to pass someone and the car hit 90 and 3500k rpm and started to sputter/stutter, stopped pulling and the rpm stopped climbing. It felt like limp mode but no CEL.
So far I have changed the air filter, MAF and the o2 sensor. I also checked for a vacuum leak and haven’t found one. Still no change in drivability.
If I ease into it I can manage to get the car up to 85-95mph but if I get on it a little harder the car shuts down around 80 and 3k rpm.
I don’t have a boost gauge/wide band/ A/F gauge (working on getting one shipped over) and from doing some reading on other posts and boards it almost sounds like overboost.
Any insight you guys could give me would be great.
Thanks in advance.
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