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Lexol Leather conditioner/cleaner

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So my STi is the first vehicle I have ever owned with leather interior. I have been detailing my own vehicles for over a decade now and have developed my own tastes in products, as well products I steer clear of. But cleaning and conditioning of leather was all new to me. So some trial, error, and research on my end was needed. I started off with just leather cleaner wipes. Although it gave them a good shine and cleaned off surface dirt, I felt it truly was not conditioning the leather the way it needs to be. So after that I started using mequiars gel leather conditioner and cleaner. I was happy with the results and used it every couple months for the past year. My only complaint with it was that it looks unnatural and had a pretty high gloss finish to it after use.

Recently I have been researching products to properly condition and treat my leather. I came across Lexol products. I researched and it comes highly recommended from a lot of professional detailers and autogeek. So I pulled the trigger and bought it. Let me tell you, my leather now looks brand new. I will never use another leather cleaning product. Anyone that has leather interior, give it a shot. You will not be disappointed!
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Ive used lexol for prob 20 years. Its good stuff.
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just make sure on the label it dosent say it contains silicone. if you ever get damage or wear on the leather(it is inevitable) the silicone will make it very hard to fix it in the future. also you do not need to condition leather very often, even if the car lives outside in the sun, 5 times a year is more than enough. if you start noticing it feeling tacky stop conditioning it as often. overconditioning can actually start to break down the top coat and your leather will wear extremely quickly.
Lexol isn't the best for coated leather, which you have. I've been using Griots 3in1 and it's pretty good for over the counter, but research indicates leatherique is the best for coated leather.

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