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Every LED that CAN be replaced in YOUR Car all in one box!

Convert your Stock Yellowish Lights to LED's with this easy to install complete Kit! *Save time and money by buying all these LED's in a kit made specifically for your Car

Our LED Converison Kits include replacement LED bulbs for the following lights in the WRX:

Only $39.99!

2 LED Map Lights
1 LED Dome Light
2 LED License Plate Lights
2 LED Reverse Lights
1 LED Trunk Light


We Also offer Kits for new many other Cars including the BRZ. Check out our website for more info.

Ikonik LED - Stay Classy

We have simplified the upgrade process and now provide a one stop shop for upgrading your automotive bulbs. You won’t have to research and figure out bulb fitment and type. With ikonik, you just simply order the kit for your car and it will include all the bulbs you will need to make your vehicle the classiest machine on the street. We have TESTED and INSTALLED our kits on these vehicles to make sure it will provide everything you need with no problems.

Please Visit our website to see all our products and other cars we have kits for at Ikonik LED - Stay Classy

If you have any questions please send them to me [email protected].
If you have another car that you want a kit for thats not on the website, please just let us know and we can get a kit made for your car/truck.

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