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Hello all. I bought my STi limited sedan last year and it is the first car I have ever owned with leather interior. Within the first month I got the windows tinted to help protect the leather from direct sunlight. Other than that I purchased Meguiars Leather cleaner wipes. The wipes didn't do bad, but it left a little bit of a greasy residue and only lasted maybe a week before needing cleaned again. I am looking for something that will last longer and not be as greasy looking. I am new to the whole leather cleaning thing, so what have you used and what has worked best for you?

I have been doing a little research and came across two items that I may try, your input would be appreciated.

-Meguiars Gold Class Leather conditioner (gel based)
-Lexol Leather Cleaner Spray.

Thanks in advance

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I'd look into Leatherique over Chemical Guys. In the detailing world, Chemical Guys is frowned upon as they're more "marketing" and branding than actual results. Hence the novel descriptions and multiple videos, plus all the merchandise with their logo. The products aren't BAD, but they are very over hyped and you won't see many, if any, Chemical Guys products in the garage of a professional detailer.

Leatherique Prestine Clean has given great results. You have to work it in well, but it's the best leather cleaner I've used out (Blackfire and Lexol make good cleaners too). Once you clean the leather, you'll want to condition it. Leatherique also makes a rejuvenator oil, but any conditioner or rejuvenator would work. The important part is the cleaning.
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