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Leaking water (passenger side)

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Went for a long drive this weekend in the rain and noticed that the passenger side floor would become wet over the drive. Windows were closed and only the floor/floor mat was wet. I did use A/C over the drive. I read some threads say to clean the drain/ac hose but couldn't find any videos showing where exactly it is in the WRX (2017 if that makes a difference). Anyone know of any videos/pictures that would help or any alternative reasons why this would happen? Any help would be appreciated :wave:
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Could be condensation. If it is a 2017 take it to the dealer. Nothing should be clogged or need cleaned this soon.

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The floor was soaked so I don't think it was condensation, I will probably take it to the dealer if I can't quickly fix it. Thank you for the response
Take it to the dealer if you can quickly fix it or not. They will be required to fix it and the possibility of any water damage.

There is also a heater core back there and if it leaks it can introduce air in your system along with causing you to run low on coolant. Both can cause overheating and permanent engine damage.

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There's also a drainage line back there for the AC drainage line. Sometimes it clogs from leaves or dirt and just needs to be cleaned. This happened to me a few months ago on my '15. Subaru will know what you mean

I caught the water running down from behind my glove box and was like what the f. It hadn't rained but I ran my AC all summer long and each time I ran it, a couple hours later there would be a trickle or a soaking

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