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1. I will have this exhaust setup...STI uppipe, scoobysport or stromung downpipe (only replaces DP cat) stock thrid cat, 3in catback with 14in resonator and magnaflow muffler. When I go in for smog and swap back in the stock DP will I have to remove the CEL fix? Everytime you swap the DPs do you have to replace the gaskets? I am still fairly new to cali, smog is every four years and then every 2?

2. This setup should not be really loud since I have the stock 3rd cat and a 14in resonator right?

3.It shouldn't stink that bad once it is warmed up right?

4.Bellmouth or divorced wastegate DP?

5.I shouldn't be shooting fireballs since I don't have a BOV right?
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