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Since my post was deleted elsewhere,

here is my review -

they are junk. Sure, they are lightweight and are being sold by just about everybody (bandwagon style), but they have a really poor design.

They are 7-sided and made of aluminum... Those two factors make them VERY easy to strip. The provided key stripped too, meaning that I had to pay a shop to chisel these things off my lug studs. Yes, I tried all the tricks in the book, including jamming an impact socket on them with a hammer, heating them, etc. You can't weld something to them because they are aluminum...

If they were 6-sided or splined or something instead, then they'd be SO MUCH BETTER, but combining 7-sided with hollow-ended and aluminum is just a 3-way bad idea.

Much better choice:
Gorilla Splined Locking Lugs, $20 a set at any tire shop.
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