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I'm having some issues after my install of my Koni / Ground Control setup yesterday. I just emailed Koni as well as GC, but I'm sure I won't hear anything back until tomorrow, so I thought I'd try to get some insight here too. I'm just going to paste my email I sent to Koni below:

I ended up getting a set of Koni inserts with the Ground Control (GC)Kit and their top mount caster/camber plates. I had a question about ride height and strut travel though.
I'm currently using this spring setup (Eibach springs from GC):

Front: 8", 340 lb/in, 2.5" ID
Rear: 8", 300 lb/in, 2.5" ID

I'm finding that I don't have much strut travel before hitting the bumpstops, especially in the front. I have the car at stock ride height in the front as well (higher than I would like). Why is there so little travel up front (less than 2" travel)?
In the rear, I'm a bit lower than I'd like to be, but I don't have much more adjustment in the ride height adjustable collars to come up more. There is a little bit more travel in the rears (which is odd because it's lower).
One more thing to note is that I didn't check the strut insert product numbers when putting them into the housings. Now, I know this was completely stupid, but I've thought it out and done some measuring and I don't think I could have possibly gotten things backwards. The shorter insert, which I have in the front, just couldn't fit into the rear housing because it wouldn't be long enough. And if the long insert was placed in the short housing, it would stick out a good 4-5 inches. Note that I DID follow the Koni instructions and cut the housings 40mm below the top of the strut housing (both front and rear). I wish I could see the part numbers on the inserts, but they're in those housings good and tight. If you could just confirm that the shorter insert belongs up front, that would help cancel out some potential problems.
Anyway, I just wanted to see if this was the norm or what might be the issue with the ride height and strut travel. Unfortunately, the forums are down this weekend and Monday, but I'll try to get some info from there ASAP as well. This may be a better question for GC, so I'll ask them too. Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.
-Doug Temnple

Anyone who might be able to help?
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