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Knock when taking off, sometimes when shifting

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Hey all, figured I'd come to the Subaru guru's and ask this question. When I take off, even babying the car, I can hear an audible clunk/knock. Also, sometimes when I shift I'll hear the same clunk/knock. I was thinking engine mount(s) or transmission mount(s) or both. The vehicle also shakes when at an idle sometimes, like a cammed V8 car would. (Never been in one, only comparison I could think of.) I know boxer motors are known for shaking, but I figured I'd ask if shaking inside the vehicle was normal, and if any of you guys had any input to aid me in my quest to slay the clunking Subaru. Sounds like it is most likely coming from the front of the vehicle.

Thank you,
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Well do a visual inspection of the suspension and the motor/trans mounts first. If you are saying it comes from the front of the car it could very well be a motor mount, or more likely I would say a broken pitching stopper which bolts to the firewall. You dont by chance hear this clunk when you go over bumps do you? I was thinking a strut or an upper strut mount. How many miles are on the vehicle? Do you notice the vehicle not holding boost or anything?
Visual inspection of suspension looked good, I'm positive the right side is in good condition since I replaced almost all of it last month, everything torqued properly. I don't hear the noise when going over bumps, so it kind of turned me away from suspension components. I'll hear the noise if I baby the clutch taking off and step on the gas hard once the clutch is fully out, that's why I was thinking motor mount. What would I be looking for as a visual cue that my motor mount(s) is/are shot?

And as for not holding boost, I think I may have felt boost creep once or twice, but it isn't consistent. And I don't have a boost gauge to verify that I'm holding 12-13lbs.
it's stuff in your rear (rear diff and related mounts) moving around under torque. Replace some of those mounts and see if it goes away.
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