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Knock question

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I finally got my Cobb AP and the MAPerformance Stage 1 map. I have feedback knock as one of my gauges. It remained at 0 until I was on the interstate and had the cruise set at 75 and then I noticed it do some fluctuating for a few seconds and hit -2.78 then back to 0. Is this normal when cruising on the interstate?
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long story short, its what is called cruise knock. Pretty typical. Was your climate control on? Thats usually when you will see -1.41 feedback knock or slightly more. If your getting any higher then regularly and espacially during a WOT pull then you should reach out to MAperformance for guidance.
That's definitely what it is. If I don't turn the A/C on at all, then the feedback knock stays at 0. Once I turn the A/C on and get on the interstate, I'll get the -1.41 or -2.87(or -2.78). And it's always 0 during WOT. This MAPerformance stage 1 map makes a huge difference compared to stock. Loving it so far.
Low load knock events are generally harmless or simply false knock. This is relatively normal to me.

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