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Thought I would share some pictures of my WRX. Its making 244whp and 284WTQ, before I did turbo inlet and Grimmspeed catless upipe which tremendously helped spool time.
I'm wingless for a while but have a Kaminari race wing on the way.

and My E30
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Beautiful E30. :)
The older Bimmers just exude class.
The E30 needs eye lids :)
whats your mod list for your wrx? i would love to be a that benchmark
whats your mod list for your wrx? i would love to be a that benchmark
3" Ebay catback, catless midpipe,Invidia catless downpipe,Grimmspeed catless uppipe,silicone turbo inlet,After MAF hose, Cobb SRI, intercooler y-pipe,hallman pro rx manual boost controller, Intercooler sprayer, and what actually made the horsepower was a custom tune with a little under 19psi of boost. I'm really happy with the power it made with such little mods. Without a custom tune you wont be able to get that much power.

and the hood works as eyelids for the E30;)

probably going to turbo the E30 this winter just for fun.
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Did a quick $12 rattle can paint job on my spoiler and I think it came out great. Here are pics of the Kaminari race wing. Probably done with mods until the end of winter for the subaru and will start working on the E30 again.

and the forge BPV, it has an amazing sound.
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More pics of the E30 please :)
I need to take more pics of the E30.
recent pic

older pic before it was lowered more on H&R race

The E30 will be turboed this winter aiming for 250hp which should be amazing in RWD 2600lb E30
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quick sound clip of the WRX, camera doesnt record bass :(
love the bimmer. very nice
updates-E30 is a beast and subaru has been on a diet.
Subaru re-tuned at only 238whp but it was also very hot that day.
E30 is making tons of tire spinning power

wrx just has more weight reduction and suspension upgrades

running the mine's underspoiler
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That's an amazing 2 year update right there!!! That e30 is gorgeous.
How much does an e30 weigh? That thing has to be killer with 450+ HP :whoa:
it was 2800lbs from the factory and its right around 2600lbs right now.
I like the gunmetal/anthracite/darkgrayname wheels best. Nonetheless, very nice blobeye!

I'm a little confused by the trunk spoilers though.
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