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K&n intake tuning with cobb ap

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I have a 2015 wrx with a k&n intake and just ended up getting a accessport can anyone point me in the right direction for tuning for it I'm from pei Canada and there are no tuners in the province
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Remove the intake and replace with OEM. There is no OTS tune for that intake.

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Remove the intake and replace with OEM. There is no OTS tune for that intake.

^This. You could always pay for an e-tune, but there's nothing inherently wrong with the OEM intake, and running the aftermarket intake without proper tuning is a step in the wrong direction.
Putting an air intake on by itself does nothing for you without a tune, nor should it be done this way, with a tune it's a marginal difference that you most likely wouldn't notice, but will convince yourself that the car is faster because of the fact that you put that on. Save your money and don't go tuning just for that one thing, if your goal is to gain then you'd need a few more things than just an air intake, and tuning every time you get a new part is a waste.

Also keep in mind, loading a tune onto your ECU will void your warranty, having the air intake on will void your warranty. This is a subjective thing because one dealer may see your mods as warranty voiders while others can say that it's not a warranty voider at all. On a 2015 I'd keep the warranty in case anything happens you can pretty much have it covered. I saved myself close to 3500 in parts and labor because of my warranty before it expired.

If you really want to experiment, I would suggest toying with suspension control and chassis bracing, those can make a huge difference in handling and give you a newfound love for cornering/ acceleration, I did that on my 2014 and a few small bushings/lockdown kits gave me a newfound love for my car but did not void any warranties. Just my .02
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