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I finally received my intake from Import Horizon ( $230.00 spent (including shipping) and a week later, I installed it on my 2 week old WRX Wagon.

Installation was simple and easy. Instructions are top notch w/pictures showing the hard to understand details. Actually the removal of the stock intake box and resonator was harder than the installation. Quick tip though having two people install this will be a lot quicker than doing by yourself. Otherwise installation alone took about 2 hours.

First thing you notice is the sucking noise from the intake, very deep and throaty. You know it's working when boost comes on since the pitch of your intake changes suddenly when your stand on the throttle and quick release activates the Now apparent blowoff valve. :D Boost pressure stays the same throught the gears but the turbo seems to spool tenth's of a second quicker than stock. It feels a little slower in the low end but it noticably makes up for it in the high end esp. in 5th gear with my right foot on the floor.

During hard acceleration the Intake ROAR's otherwise normal driving will only give small blowoff valve "psst"... It's not very noticable unless your pushing the car hard, so it still keeps the car under sleeper status. I chose the AEM over other products due it's great quality and OEM fit (Injen doesn't advertise a CAI for the WRX wagon). Only problem I have with the intake is seeing how messy it will leave your radiator and cruise control lines after installation. There are no clamps holding down the radiator hoses and cruise control cable like the stock intake arm does. Other than than AEM again has made another satisfied customer. For a first upgrade it's very rewarding hearing your engine finally breath like it should...

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