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Well, my first post.. any feedback from anyone here that has experienced similar issues with a clutch master clutch, I'd love to hear about it!!.
My 2016 WRX Limited stock clutch finally shredded at 172,000 miles!! I guess i got my monies worth out of it.. so I brought it to a very reputable shop.."The shop in CT"... and my guy Jimmy replaced it with a FX350 Clutch Master Clutch...I did notice lots of chatter but heard its common.
With less than 25k on it,, it started slipping.. WTF I Said!! So I brought it back to The Shop and they had to eat the cost to replace it because clutch masters in CA told him we never heard such a thing... Just like Sorry Charlie!! 😤
Well, guess what..the second replacement is starting to slip with 27k on it! Both times the stock flywheel was resurfaced..and I was told that it was in great shape so no need to replace it. When we called Mr.Gomez at Clutch master in CA..we got the same BS/ Sorry Charlie. Well for those of you looking for a clutch replacement..I just have to say one thing about Clutch Master's FX 350 Clutch..from the experience.. Absolute Junk! I Have spoken to numerous WRX owners and I've heard Exedy makes a great clutch. I am not the launching type, just a commuter with 205,000 miles on my 2016 Wrx.. I have a stage one off the shelf Mishimoto 93octane tune/ installed by access port, a Mishimoto Cold air induction, Mishimoto Over Sized Charge Pipe and a larger Mishimoto Top Mount Intercooler. I love the Car!
Can anyone suggest a clutch manufacturer that they have had good fortune with? I need some recommendations!
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