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JaySin's Slow and Lame (build) Thread Towards The Inevitable Destruction of a CVT

The 'Build'
2016 Subaru WRX Limited CVT in CWP (Currently 278 WHP / 275 WTQ)

  • Aluminum Wheel Lock Kit
  • Auto Dimming Mirror w/Compass/Homelink
  • Blue Interior Illumination Kit
  • Extended Armrest (swapped)
  • Nav Sys w/Harman Kardon/Keyless Access & Eyesight
  • Rear Bumper Applique
  • Side Sill Plates
  • Spt Carbon Fiber Trunk Trim
  • Trunk Cargo Net
  • Vortex Generator
Interior Mods:
  • AEM Digital Oil Pressure Gauge
  • AEM Digital Trans Temp Gauge
  • AEM Digital UEGO AFR Gauge
  • JDM Dual Console Armrest
  • JDM Shifter Console Leather w/Red Stitching
  • JDM Top Cover Leather w/Red Stitching
  • Prolightz LED Bright White Interior Lights
  • SMY Defogger Vent Gauge Pod
  • SMY Instrument Cluster
  • WeatherTech Floor and Cargo Liners (black)
  • WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder
Exterior Mods:
  • B&W Rear Logo Badge
  • Debadged Trunk
  • Fender Badge Ornament Set (gloss black w/ white WRX logo)
  • GrimmSpeed Plate Delete
  • JDM Grill w/ B&W Badge
  • Llumar Clear Bra (18" up hood and partial fenders / side-view mirrors)
  • Llumar Window Tint (35% front / 5% rear)
  • Prolightz LED Bright White License Plate Lights
  • Falken EuroWinter HS449 (stock size 245/40/18)
  • RCE 'Regular Guys' Springs
  • Work Emotion CR Ultimate 18x8.5 et47 Bronze Wheels w/ Black Flat Style Center Caps (stock summer rubber)
  • Cobb AP (JR Tuned)
  • Cobb SS Resonated JPipe
  • ETS 'Quiet' Catback Exhaust w/ Resonator (polished tips)
  • F1 Motorsports Transmission Cooler
  • GrimmSpeed EBCS
  • GrimmSpeed Stealthbox Intake /w Dry Filter
  • IAG AOS - Competition Series
  • IAG EGR Kit
  • JR Pro Tune (P&L Motorsports)
  • TiC TGV
Future Mods:
  • LED DRLs
  • LED Fogs
  • Rear Fog (3-in-1)
  • S4 LED Daytime Running Lights Fog Bezels - Switchback
  • SS Brake Lines
  • WeatherTech Inlays

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Ordered winter tires since the car is arriving in...winter.
  • Falken EuroWinter HS449 (stock size 245/40/18)
Here is what tires looks like...they're black and made of various substances. How exciting. They are taunting me at the bottom of the stairs.
These will be going on the stock 18" wheels.

1-4-2016: Initial tire review:

I don't have much time on the summer tires so I'll compare these to my most recent winter tire experiences.

Compared to my General Altimax (205/50/17 on 2008 WRX hatch w/ STI Pink springs) these tires are 100x better with everyday driving in the cold. They have better turn-in feel, overall handling, steering feel and have much higher dry handling limits. Obviously the size difference has SOMETHING to do with it, but the difference is bigger than that. The Falkens are also quieter.

Compared to my Blizzak LM32 (225/50/18 on 2013 G37x Coupe) these tires are very comparable. However, these seem to have slightly better dry/wet traction and a little less road noise. Steering and turn-in feel are about the same.

So far I have driven them in rain, sleet and dry pavement in anything from 20-55 degrees. These winter tires grip better than the Conti DWS all seasons (225/45/17) I had on my 2008 WRX on dry pavement...even at 55 degrees. They're much quieter than many tires...of any kind I've driven on. I drove on them up to 85MPH and they felt sure-footed and my car still tracked very well with no major wallowing feel. (like the Generals had...yuck!)
I have not driven these in the deep snow yet, however in the rain/sleet/slush they were fantastic and I had great confidence while driving on them. At a first drive in cold temps for the day, they do create a small vibration, but it only take about 1-2 miles for it to smooth out. I'm not sure if this is common with these tires yet or not, but each time it has worked itself out quickly so I'm not concerned. There's no sign of tire defects that I can tell.

So far I would absolutely recommend these tires. Especially at the price I managed to get them at...about $450 grand total new and shipped to my house.

Update: 1-13-2016

I have been driving these on some real snow finally so here's some further info. These tires are GOOD in the snow, but NOT GREAT. Part of the problem may be that they're the stock tire size and a bit wide for snow. In corners they tend to float over or slide a little and my back end will lose traction and swing out a bit. It corrects itself fairly well as long as you're not taking the corner too fast. Keep in mind, these are 'performance' winters. They still brake well and take off well in the snow at initial bite. This may be where my Blizzak LM32 excelled compared to these Falkens. However, at almost twice the price paid for the Blizzaks, I still consider these a good buy or even better value I should say. In the hard compacted snow they do get a little noisy, but nothing we're not already used to in our Subies.

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Ordered just after you and got the same winter tires.

Except I got 235-45 17 and am mounting on 07 BBS wheels.
Certainly not a bad option. I always intended on getting aftermarket wheels for spring/summer so I decided to just use the stock wheels.

I wouldn't normally order tires that are brand new models with little to no reviews, but the price alone was my deciding factor...couldn't pass up the deal. Hopefully I don't regret it.

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Got my VIN today! ETA to dealer: week of Nov. 30th. Which means another week or so before it shows up at my door (Colorado to Michigan). Just in time for those winter tires! Maiden voyage in the snow...?...ugh.
:woocow: :thumbup: :beerchug:


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