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Hey All !
I've had my subaru for almost 2 years now and i've enjoyed every minute of it. The infamous "wave" still surprises me everytime.
But i've come to the point where i need more... POWER! LMAO
I bought the car used with about 47k miles on it and since i've had it I only did minor cosmetic changes, and regular maintenance.
After scouring google for a few hours on possible "bolt on's" I decided to actually look under the hood to see what the prior owner had already installed.
I found a few things.
TGV/EGR delete's
3'' J pipe to stock exhaust
and a Perrin pitch stop.
the thing that surprizes me is that i have no check engine light's, so it possibly had a tune in the past, but it still has the Lag like performance.
should i take the car to get tuned again to remove the power surge or buy an access port?
also any recommendation's on future mod's?

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To remove the power surge buy a non turbo car. As good as twin scrolls are they still have a powerband and that turbo kick.

Honestly. I would absolutely take it to a performance shop that deals with Subarus and have them check it out. To delete the tgv you don't need a tune because you can kind of fake it from what I've read, the egr has to that i know of.
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