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In my experience, and many other owners' of the 15-17 models, there is typically a power drop around 4500-5000 RPM on the stock tune. Many people flash the Cobb Stage 1+ or MAP performance Stage 1 tune through the AccessPort to mitigate this. Be warned though that doing so could lead to warranty claim issues down the line, as Subaru techs will be able to tell that this has been done.

As for the peak boost, mine always read 21.4 since the day i picked it up from the dealer. Recently, I noticed it increased to 22.2 after installing an axleback (whether those are related, idk). However, peak boost, to the best of my knowledge, is never sustained and only momentary, while your boost should even out around 15.8 or so during WOT.

So from what I've heard and personally experienced, i wouldn't be all that worried, as it all sounds fairly standard. But you are still under warranty, so it couldn't hurt to make an appt at the dealership if you are truly worried.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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