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i have an 04 wrx sedan, the highest ive been able to get my boost is .07 on the stock boost gauge. And that is at full throttle maxing out all my gears. well except 5th i didnt pay attention to 5th, was going to fast to pay attention. Ne who is this normal or is this somthing i should go get looked at. I have 1300 miles on the car does it need to break in more? Also i live in colorado so does the elevation have anything to deal with it? so far the only kinda mod ive done is remove my silencer on the intake, but it was doing this before i did that so i dont think that has anything to deal with it.
any help would be awesome

oh and if i do take it to the dealership to get looked at will i have to put the silencer back on so they dont give me chit?
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