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Invidia N1 Exhaust??

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Hello everyone, I am new to modding cars and I have a question about an N1 invidia Catback Exhaust. I own a 2007 impreza 2.5i and I'm curious if a catback that is meant for an STI or WRX would fit on this because it is only from the cat and does not have anything to do with a turbo. I've read online with some people saying it fits fine and others say they have to cut or extend but I was unable to find a solid answer. I was curious if anyone has experience or has done this before and could give me a straight forward answer. I know that this will not give any power gain and will result in me losing back pressure do to it being a 3 inch exhaust, but I am most doing it because I like the sound and am going for more a slow and low build rather than power.

Anyways thanks for any help! A link to the exhaust will be below!

Link -
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I would assume no. It depends on where your headers exit, how far back they go, etc

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Im not sure if it will fit, but it will sound like doody. If it's going to be "low and slow" keep it quiet.
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