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We would like to introduce what we hope will become a side business for myself and a group of professionals. Most of you here have vast and superior knowledge of the intraweb already being that you've mastered the use of online forums such as this one

There are those times however when you just don't feel like taking the time out of your busy life to fix your PC or read up on how to install a network and make sure it's properly protected. At those times wouldn't you like to have someone else do it for you? offers all those services to you. I have a staff of professionals at my disposal who will work for you. We all have day jobs but have decided we could offer our services to you at a most reasonable cost. So please visit our site. See what we have to offer and should you be interested feel free to contact us. Not doubting anyone's PC skills here it's more of a conveinience we offer. We also offer web design and consulting services for those of you who have business or require one for personal use. Check us out.


[email protected]
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