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Interesting experience with 2017 WRX

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Hello a newbie here and first post:

I had a 2010 Impreza hatchback (6spd), which I traded in for a 2017 WRX Premium (6spd). I liked the color but despite being brand new, it had 80 miles on it. It was made in Oct 2016, and I figured some people must have test drove it and hence the 80 miles. My 2010 had 150 miles when new.
I bought this car, drove it off the lot and about a mile later the check tire pressure sign came on. Called the dealer, they said it was probably because it had STI wheels on it and replaced it with the stock ones (as we had planned). I drove it some more and the check engine light came on, then 20 seconds later the hill assist, the traction control, and came on. Then the cruise control light kept on blinking. I pulled over and turned the car off and then on several times to see if things would reset. Again, I called the dealership, who said to come back in the AM if this continues.
I went back the next day, and it turns out that the car had “thrown engine codes” related to the camshaft (?) during the initial checkup. They had apparently reset the ECU and the lights had not come back, until I drove it off the lot.
Subaru is going to set up a tent at the dealership and two techs from Japan are going to come and take apart the car/engine.
In the mean time I returned that car and got a 2018 WRX Premium with the same color (WR blue) and STI exhaust + Short Throw Shifter.
I’ve had the 2018 one for a week and it has the same burnt plastic smell that the other one had, except absolutely no warning lights are on. Hopefully, this burnt plastic smell is normal and part of the break in.
So far loving everything about the car: the sound, the acceleration is ok – first turbo car, back in the day had a mustang with bigger numbers but WRX feels amazing. Having 4 doors and being able to enjoy this with my family is a big plus!
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The smell is normal, welcome.
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