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There have been many people posting up many questions about insurance lately, so I'm (Lindsay) going to try and give everyone a general idea of how your insurance coverage works. This is by no means a thread that will address everyone's specific situation, coverage cost, insurance company or your states specific laws and minimum coverage requirements.

Lets go ahead and address first things first; coverage. There is no such thing as "full coverage." There are coverages that cover others and their property which is liability. And there are coverages that cover your and your property which is comprehensive and collision. There are sub categories to these coverages, but for the general understanding and ease of read of the thread, we won't address those.

Liability: This covers any damage to persons or property that you are found liable for. Stop signs, curbs, fences, structures, guard rails, other vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians....ANYTHING you can hit with your vehicle. This even includes landscaping and having to re-sod someones lawn.

Comprehensive: This covers your property from, for lack of better terms, any "act of God." Hail, wind, water, fire, theft, hitting an animal (there are exceptions), a tree falling on your car...

Collision: This covers your property in the event of a collision. Hitting a pot hole, a fence, a guard rail, curb, structure, other vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians...See a pattern here?

I'd like address some of the questions that no one will be able to answer for you:

"How much will insurance be on my WRX/STI?"

This is a question best reserved for your agent. There are so many determining factors that go into determining how much your policy will cost that no one can answer it for you.

"Is my car totaled?"

The amount of damage that will determine whether or not a vehicle is a total loss varies by state. However, a good rule of thumb is 75-85% of the value of the vehicle. No one on this forum will be able to answer that question from pictures you posted.

"I got a ticket/accident, will my premium go up?"

That depends. When your policy is up for renewal, they will determine whether they need to increase your rates based on the events that have transpired over the policy period. Different accidents hold a different "weight." A rear end accident or a backing accident hold a lower weight than falling asleep and crossing a center line.


Your premiums are determined by a bunch of factors. Some of the following can include but are not limited to age, sex, vehicle year, vehicle model, safety features, anti-theft, seatbelts, airbags, marital status, driving record, credit score, if you own a house, if you own multiple vehicles insured with the same company, GPA, where you live, coverages selected, annual mileage...Like I said, don't ask what your insurance will cost, we don't know.

Things you should know:

Insurance follows your vehicle. If you loan your vehicle to someone, permissive use, and they crash it, your insurance is primary.

Permissive use can be implied. If you have a key rack in your home, or your keys are easily accessible, anyone can take your car. If you lend your keys to a friend and they lend your keys to a friend, that's still permissive use.

If you hit an object in the road, it's your fault. Unless that object is actively flying through the air, it will fall on you.


Don't carry your state minimum for liability. Chances are, it's incredibly low and the chances of you exceeding your limits is very probable. Your insurance company is only responsible for the coverage you pay for. Anything after that, they can take you to court for. They will likely win. Keep in mind, you are responsible for everything you hit and everything that is hit as a result of you hitting that first object or vehicle.

Review your policy. Make sure that the coverages you have selected will help fill any gaps in your medical insurance coverages.

Always carry rental coverage unless you have the means for a backup vehicle. It's inexpensive and worth it.

Always carry roadside assistance or have AAA.

Don't be premium driven. Think about what you're paying for. If you get in an accident today do you have the liquid assets to pay for your deductible?

Lastly, read your contract. If you've never read your contract, how do you know what you're getting for the monthly premium you pay? There are other coverages you may be entitled to or may have exclusions that you have no idea about.

If there are any questions about coverages or you have a questions about a situation, just post them up. I'll definitely try and get your question answered as best I can.

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awesome :] i made this a sticky.

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Thanks to Drews I added the rental car to my coverage. 10 bucks a month for 2 vehicles is a small price to pay if your car is in a shop for 3 weeks.

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definitely adding rental once my policy is up and time for renew. my car was hit while it was parked and ive been out of a car for about 3 weeks. it really sucks trying to find a ride to places.
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