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Yesterday I went to MultiTurbo - Dastek dealler in Brazil, and installed Unichip in my car. All the job was done in abou half an hour, wich I found very fast, is very very simple, it´s real PnP stuff.

Before we plug it, we installed a boost gauge and did some testing, the stock boost was never above 0.5kg

After Unichip + Driver module it went up to 1.0kg.

The diference can be described ass BIZARRE. my car ih much faster than before, and at high reves it´s outrageous if compared to the stock configuration.

After that we did some comparative testing with a friend´s Audi A3 1.8T with 272HP (also tuned at multiturbo with Unichip and exaust - dyno sheet available)

1st test: 3rd gear @ 4k rpm - we went toghether until 200km/h, but we had to stop because of traffic.

2nd test: 2nd gear @ 3K rpm - A3 goes like 1 meter in front, just until I reach 3rd gear when I catch him, and I start to go a little stronger, when we reach aprox 180km/h I´m like half a car in front.

that´s it for now, I´ll make more comparative teste latter and try to keep ypus guys briefed with pix, and sometimes short vids ass well.

sorry about my porr english :mad:

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rdpg_Oktane said:
hahahaha. it´s not a gas station. that the place were the Dastek Dyno stays. That thing is a water pump, a car washer.
Either way, still a cool looking spot!:cool:
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