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Install subwoofer in WRX

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Hi, I have a 2010 Subaru Wrx hatchback and was wondering if anyone knew how to install a subwoofer under the driver seat. I bought it from subaru. Video tutorials would be helpful. thanks
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Ditto... I'd like to see what's involved in the installation to the standard head unit.
Just put one in


I just put a factory unit into my MY10 STI. Only took about 90min and all went well. Do you have the instructions that came with the unit? They are not bad but a couple of points in them need modification slightly IMHO... also, I did it without unbolting the seat (as that looked way too hard!).

So let me know if you have the instructions and I'll just tell you my tips. Otherwise I'll try to post or link to the instructions as well.
I don't have the instructions. I've looked around the Net but couldn't find them.
i feel like a sub under my ass would get annoying, and i think you will too. what i'm going to do is run all my wires for the amp to my trunk and hooking up 2 10" punches. you could just buy a box and do the same it will have to same effect just not as intense... i have an '05 wrx and the stock door speakers suck so i have some new ones on the way to balance out the bass.
How much did you spend on it? If it was over $70 I would try to see if you can get your money back.

There are much better under seat subs than the factory one for around $90.
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