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OK, so as many of ya know, I'm on the fence about ordering a new WRX Limited. Truth is, not really on the fence, but here's the deal:

I'm thinking of waiting for the 2013. Doing so allows me to:

1) Private sell my truck (+$2500 over trading in)
2) Finish selling my boat ($+2000 over... not having time to do that)
3) Order from Ramsey Subaru and get the club dub discount (-a lot on a limited WRX)

So that's to get a 2013 limited WRX. Now another option just came flying out of nowhere and into my own town. I live in a nowhere town and I have no idea how that happened, but here's the story on that!

Certified Used 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STI For Sale in Parkersburg WV | | Marietta, Vienna & Wood County

$31000 for a 2009 STI in WRB with 26575 miles.

Would I be better served to wait, or should I try to hustle? I know I can get the new Limited WRX for probably 4000 under that cost, and have more money with which to do it. But this is an STI, and it's available now... and I'm torn!
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