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In need of help

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I own a 2013 Wrx sedan. I was putting in dynamat in my driver side door. I accidentally disconnect the harness the incorrect way, now all the wires are loose. Can anyone help and show me which slots I should connect the wires back into the control switch. As of this moment I cannot do anything with it. Please help!
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I've been in your shoes. Google around and find the factory service manual. Find the connector and rebuild from there.

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Thank you I will search the auto part stores now. Do you know by chance if there is a free PDF I can download online though? lol
Update I bought a chilton version and this thing is unreadable. Is there a better version out there. And I would also ask for anyone who has a 2013 Wrx sedan. Can you please take a picture of you harness while it's connected all four sides that will help. It's one screw to get to them. The pics will be amazing. Thanks in advance. I had no idea that this would interfere with the security. So I can't lock my doors
Yes free ones are floating aroud

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Here are the pics for a2013 Wrx drivers door wiring harness.i hope this serves a purpose as a one stop fix it deal. I struggled to figure this one out. View attachment 283402
That's both sides of the clip!!
Invalid attachment.
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