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Imported WRX V-Limited

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So First i would like to start by saying im a brand new newbie to well pretty much everything! ha ha! i just created my account today and my car is currently on a boat right now from Japan. (Yes an import :p thats another first)
I guess i am just posting this Forum to ask a few questions about my car and if anyone else has one similar? As posted in the title it is a JDM 1996 Impreza WRX V-Limited Number 188 out of 1000... I am pretty excited as this is my FISRT Subaru ever! My first question is pretty simple and general... is there anything i should know about this model? Anything i should do to it when it gets here? ( I live in northern canada) and i will be posting pictures when it arrives from JAPAN!
Thanks again for putting up with my newbness ! Cheers! :D
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Welcome. Awesome, can't wait to some pics!
Sweet! I recall another v-limited selling recently in Edmonton or Calgary.
Thanks guys! If you check on my gallery theres a few pictures of her but there all the ones the seller sent me from Japan... so when i get it i will go on a big photo shoot especially when i start making some slight mods like Tint, perhaps rims audio Ect.
i gotta see us pics when u got a chance. congrats on your purchase!
That's a great looking car, take a while to get used to the right hand drive though :)
Ah, that's one of the v-limiteds I remember being listed recently. Great looking car and has some very nice looking power #'s stock. Pretty huge JDM WRX and STi population in Alberta as you'll find.
Yes so ive noticed Mudferret! aha i wont lie tho my love for subarus came from WRC ,the whole rally sport and ken block (im sorta a fan-boy haha) but honestly its just an all around gorgeous car and im proud to finally own my own!
Very awesome and congrats! car looks in damn good shape. I want to drive something right hand drive bad!!

these are the pics from Japan sooo i will be taking alot more interesting photos next week when she gets here! but you guys let me know what you think... Like somebody said earlyier its a limited edition so i would feel bad making mods but theres little ones like tint audio , mudflaps maybe rims that i would like to make to it but im still undecided! some feedback and input would be greatly appreciated! :thumbup:
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hella nice pick up there
Thanks! :D
its in BC right now ships out of the port on the 16th hope to be driving it by the 20th!!
man I'd leave that exactly as it is..

not only because it looks great but because its one of only a thousand.. How many are actually still running around on the streets? Let alone in N America? ...

If you have the mod bug that bad find a bugeye and go to down.. keep this lil gem exactly the way it is ;)
^ Likely only this one, and one other right now. Both in Alberta. There could be others, but not many...if any.

A couple of 555 editions in Alberta as well, and 2 M20B's (only 2 in North America).
Amazing car. I agree with ^^^ clean it up and keep it as it is.

How hard was the importing process if you dont mind me asking?
Haha ughhh! what about tint! i really want tint? would that be bad? annnd its crazy to think of how rare it is now :p i kinda feel bad for it being my first WRX and lucking out! lol but jeeze i dunno i will definitely keep everything stock so to speak.

And Jezza i imported through a company in St. Albert called JDM connections. The guy that did all the work for me was William and he was fantastic. Every question i emailed him he replied withing the hour sometimes in min. Only thing you have to really do in the whole operation is be patient and tell them what you want! They will do their best to find exactly what you want. I lucked out where this car was already purchased and ready to come over to Canada! i still dont have the car yet i am PRAYING for this weekend but it is in BC getting ready to be shipped to Edmonton :D
Driving on the right-side of the car like a BOSS!
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