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To start off lemme explain what I know about my car.

2004 wrx transmission(5 speed) and technically car
2006 sti motor swap
Sti cams
Wrx turbo
Wrx intercooler
Sti ecu (I think cause it's got 5 ports instead of 4 on the back)
3" down pipe with original exhaust
Aftermarket uppipe, couldn't tell you the brand or size for sure.
K&n air filter with plastic intake to turbo
Mpa boost gauge lam Co brand
Random hose disconnected from egr valve. I reconnected already but no change.
New timing belt and water pump
Bad blow off valve

Check engine codes
p0102 Mass or volume air flow a circuit low
P0113 intake air temp sensor 1 circuit high input
P0037 heated O2 sensor heated control ficircut low bank 1
P0546 Exhaust gas temp sensor

K so now the problem

My car when you start it does not idle correctly and will almost immediately die after starting it. It idles high and then really really low.
I have got it to the point of disconnecting the exhaust it'll actually idle more steadily but will still die within 15 seconds.

That's with everything plugged in. If I disconnect the MAS it will actually idle and is driviable but, when driving I have 0 boost and when climbing hills it has trouble and sucks way too much air to where the blow off valve constantly blows. And has trouble climbing any hill at any speed. Also you cannot speed up at any speed but slow. Like 20 seconds if I floor it to get to 60 mph. So literally 0 boost, and I don't know if that's because the MAS is disconnected. I'm in a pickle and don't know where to start. First I thought wrx ecu, but then doing research an sti ecu has 5 ports where a wrx is 4. I could be wrong tho. Also, have considered a clogged cat. But don't know how to test it. Thought about bad turbo, but don't know how to test. I'm at a loss and am stuck. Any advice other then $2,000 to cobb tuning?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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